Ode to Pluto Testimonials




“The astro consulting session with J.S.G. was not my first one. I have heard a lot of interesting things about my horoscope out of the mouths of different astrologers, but this time with Jennie, I really had the feeling that I could understand the purpose and the tasks of my birth chart. She made complex constellations clear to me, and also showed solutions. Most of all, and that I will never forget, was one simple question she asked me, that has changed the whole picture and has lifted a long and heavy burden of a "task" that have never existed, except in my imagination. This astro session has set some things into the right place for me!”                 Elisandra, Berlin, Germany


"The job of an astrologer is to interpret planetary positions and alignments, and every astrologer does this to the extent of their knowledge of astrology, their life experience, and understanding of life and interactions between people. Jennie is special: she has an optimistic approach to life and sees opportunities where others see only problems; she knows people and gives profound advice on communications and interactions; she understands life and the Universe deeper than an average person or an average astrologer do. Whether you are taking an astrology class or getting an astrological reading, you will get much more than you expect. In addition to Jennie’s deep knowledge of the discipline that she will generously share with you, you will get Jennie’s unique insights into your life direction, your life events, and your interactions with others."                                          Olga Stenina-Adognravi, PhD, Cleveland, Ohio



"When I met Jennie, I was searching for some additional meaning and direction in my life. In just one reading I felt like we had accomplished SO MUCH! She seemed to understand everything about me and the things that I was struggling with in my life, all from looking at my chart. I have actually had my astrological chart read a few times before, and I feel that I gained more from one session with Jennie than the accumulation of visits with other astrologers. Jennie is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and I also really liked that her focus wasn't just on the past and present, but also my future. I am so hooked that she will be the only astrologer that I work with moving forward, and I will be getting my friends sessions with her as gifts...and of course plan on taking classes! Thank you so much Jennie for your amazing skills!!"     Bodhi, Waterville, ME


“Finally learning how and where to begin assessing a chart. Fun, informative, foundational class. Starting to "get" how to think like an astrologer. Jennie is great -smart and entertaining. She kept everyone engaged, chatting, and discovering. Fantastic textbook. Nice pace.”                                                    Richard, Indio, CA


“Jennie is an outstanding instructor. I learned so much in just a few months. She was clear, concise and explained the course in a way you could understand. She is very bright. She made me laugh and was an absolute pleasure. I am really going to miss her!”                                                                                                 Jill, Miami, FL


"Amazed....surprised....so many other words I can't think of...Thank you so much for taking the time to help me find...myself!"                Jenn, Hallowell, Maine