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Jennie (Gilmore) White

Gulfport, Florida


Readings offered in person, via phone and online.

Natal Chart Reading


Recommended for all new clients, an in-depth look at your natal chart, with a glance ahead to the current and coming year. This reading can provide you with deep insight about your strengths and challenges, and can provide clarity about what will allow you to be happy and achieve your goals.

1 and 1/2 to 2 hours     $100-150

Sliding Scale

Solar Return-Transit Reading


Your annual astrological check-up! This will provide you with a snapshot of what energy is around you now, and what may be coming up in the year ahead, so you can make the best use of it! It is very helpful to understand the energy around you, so you can find the opportunity! Also, sometimes, we just want to know when things are going to shift for us. Astrology is a very powerful tool to help you make conscious choices in your life.

(Best done around your birthday)


1 and 1/2  to 2 hours $125-150

Sliding Scale

Astrological Check In


Feel like you are in the middle of something major? You probably are.

 We will examine what energy is impacting you, bring awareness to what patterns in your life may be holding you back, and discover where there is an opportunity for healing. Sometimes, you just need a reality check to gain a little clarity and grounding!


1/2 hour      $45

Your Personal Astrologer!


What you get: Monthly personalized horoscope, based on your birth chart. Each month, we will get together on-line for a 30-minute, recorded astro-consultation. You will also be eligible for your annual Solar Return/Transit reading for half price! ($75, reg. price $150)

 Each month, I will take a look at your chart and examine how the current astrological climate may be impacting you. This is an opportunity, not only for you to understand the energy around you, but also to understand the layers of your birth chart in greater depth and to feel, on a more personal level, the way planetary cycles may affect your life.

It is necessary to have had a natal chart reading with me, before you begin the subscription. This provides the foundation for our work together. I am offering a special rate for new clients with this offer.

Subscription pricing (limited time offer!):


Introductory chart reading

(1 - 1 and 1/2 hrs)

with six additional monthly updates

... $42.50 / month or $235, if paid in advance
Payment options

Six months of personalized horoscope videos... $30/month or $160,

 if paid in advance ($26.67/month)

Payment options

Additional subscriber benefits: 15% off all services listed on my website, including 30-minute check-ins for $38.75 (Reg. Price $45) and Intensive Couples Readings for $255 (Reg. Price $300)

Subscription details: Your subscription will begin within a week after you sign up. You will be billed monthly through PayPal. I will set up your first appointment with you, after your payment has been received.

Career Profile


Time for a change in direction? Wondering what you want to do when you grow up? Or letting go of that "adult" thing that you thought you were supposed to be doing? Knowing your chart can help. We will take a look at the factors in your chart which indicate career, aptitude and money, and also examine when the best time to make a career move might be.


30 minutes                            $45

Individual Relationship Profile


Interested in understanding some of the blocks that may get in the way of finding lasting love? We will affirm what makes your heart SING and where you may be barking up the wrong tree. Understanding your birth chart can bring clarity about what it is you need and want in partnership and social interaction, and also indicate when and where the potential for finding a partner might occur.


30 minutes                            $45


Relationship Astrology for  Couples

also for Friends, Business Partners or for you and your pet


We will explore together the assets and challenges you may face within your relationship. Once you understand where another person is coming from, it is much easier to see eye to eye.


This reading may also bring to light the soul purpose of the relationship. 

( I will need permission from both parties to proceed).


1 hour     $200

INTENSIVE Relationship Astrology for  Couples 

also for Friends and Business Partners


Every relationship has its own identity. We will explore together the assets and challenges you may face as a couple. Once you understand where another person is coming from, it is much easier to see eye to eye. Once you see your strengths clearly, you can really go for it!


This reading may also bring to light the soul purpose of the relationship. 

This is a three-part session. I will provide individual birth chart readings, with each person, and then we will come together for a reading for the two of you, as a couple.



Gift Certificate Special!!

$75 for a full natal chart or transit reading! (Regular price $100-150)

Personalize your gift