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All your life, you may have been told who others believe you are. Understanding your Astrological Chart can bring you to a deeper level of self-awareness so you can travel within the flow of life, rather than get trapped in a state of resistance or denial.


Life itself is a process of self discovery. It is my desire to assist you in peeking behind the veil of other people's expectations to help you make choices based on your soul's desire.


 It would be my honor to help you discover how the position of the planets in your natal chart and in the solar system today create opportunity in your life for healing and personal growth.                                    

    Jennie (Gilmore) White



I offer complete natal chart readings, relationship astrology for couples, solar return, transit and progression readings in person in Gulfport, Florida, and online. I am available for astrological parties and offer classes and workshops. Contact me for more information. Have ephemeris will travel!