About Ode To Pluto Astrology

About Jennie (Gilmore) white

Gulfcoast, Florida, Astrologer

Influenced by my mother's interest in astrology, I have had a life-long attraction to this ancient tradition. In the past, I made an effort to teach myself, but I found it to be too vast a subject to learn on my own. Around the time of my mother's death (and during my Uranus opposition) an insatiable thirst for deeper knowledge sparked my search for a mentor.


My quest led me to the International Academy of Astrology, and I immediately enrolled in its three-and-a-half year diploma program. It was a life-changing experience. Through my studies, I gained a powerful understanding and deep acceptance of myself and others, and a solid faith in the process of life. These are the very qualities that cause me to love the tool of astrology.

The self-awareness and self-compassion I gained through the window of astrology led me to refocus and redirect my life. In 2012, I left my 25-year career as a chef to begin my practice. It has been a deeply satisfying experience. There is nothing better than the feeling I have when I am able to witness another person come into a state of self acceptance and love. I am grateful for the faith that has come from bearing witness to the process of life through this lens.

I gained my diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2012 and now have the honor of being an instructor there. This January, I began mentoring with the brilliant transpersonal astrologer Eric Meyers. I first became introduced to Eric's progressive and evolutionary approach to astrology through the many books he has published (my favorite; the Astrology of Awakening) and have since had the privilege of attending several of his workshops. With Eric's support, I have gained confidence, clarity, and focus. My practice has expanded to include readings, classes, and workshops in person and online.


I am a member of the International Society For Astrological Research, the Association for Astrological Networking, and National Council for Geocosmic Research .


Along with sharing my passion for astrology (Gemini Sun 11th), I love spending time tromping around the planet, experiencing new things, and seeing the world (Sagittarius Moon 5th). I find moments of quiet through yoga and meditation practice, am a student of Adyashanti, and enjoy exploring different healing modalities such as Holotropic Breathwork and 5Rhythms Dance (Venus and Jupiter in Leo in the 12th).